Get To Know Bonfire Nights

Keyboardist and vocalist Nicole Hoaran from London-based Aussies, Bonfire Nights, tells us a bit about the band:

We are the polar opposite of a child’s face who has just been told they missed a skateboarding cat wearing a helmet made out of jelly because they were busy talking on the phone with grandpa, or we sound a bit like Blood Red Shoes. Actually this is a quote from a random I met recently from Brighton who refuses to tell me his name. Seriously, we are two Australian girls and a British boy who play alternative psych infused ambient pop. There you have it.

We take inspiration from our surroundings, people, art, design, books, other music, each other, our social escapades… pretty much life in general. We are lucky in that we are all on the same wavelength when it comes to inspiration and what we do with it. We actually just became room-mates, so I suppose that will be inspiration in itself. We try not to second guess what we are making.

Brisbane is 16532 kilometers away! We just relocated from Brisbane to London a month ago. It’s surreal to move countries and there are so many ups and downs to settling in… mainly ups for us, luckily. Question: can you fit one drum kit, one Fender twin amp, two guitars, one keyboard, one synth, one pedal board and three Bonfire Nights band members into a London taxi? Answer: YES! Although there have been minor hurdles – like not having a car – everything seems to be falling into place as if we were destined to live here and we don’t want to leave! We’ve played some fun shows in the last month in London and got to support some great Aussie bands such as The Jezabels, Our Mountain, DZ Deathrays and Little Red. We have more shows coming up in the next three months, so come and say hello.

I wish Bonfire Nights had written The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

It might surprise people to learn that there is a love affair in the band. Can you guess who?

In the future we are planning to release an EP in the UK. We have been recording some new material and are planning to record more as soon as we get our shit together. Hopefully we will get around to playing some shows across Europe and America and head home for an Australian tour in about a year. For now we are concentrating on songwriting, recording and playing shows in the UK.

Check Bonfire Nights out at their Myspace page and have a squizz at their below video clip: 

 Photo by Jeff  Yiu.