StereoStar Sixty-Nine – Ambulance Shotgun

Jonjon gives StereoStar Sixty-Nine‘s album a listen. He’s unlikely to do the same thing again: 

What do you think of when you think French music? I think of Phoenix, Air, Cassius and, if I must, the Plastiscines. Most countries would be happy with bands of that ilk representing their cultural exports. I don’t think any country would be happy with StereoStar Sixty-Nine. Perhaps it makes more sense from a French perspective, although I doubt it. It is difficult to describe how bad Ambulance Shotgunis.

How bad? If someone told me they were a Flight of the Conchords-style comedy act, I could believe it, and if I didn’t know better I would believe it. But they’re not. They take themselves seriously. Very seriously. Apparently a concept album, Ambulance Shotgun is the worst album I have heard in years, perhaps ever. I am not exaggerating. It’s not bad in a “follows commercial music conventions” way, it’s just bad. Imagine the worst, cheapest 80s keyboard soundtrack, laughable autotuned vocals and cheap production – Blood on the Dance Floor for example (look ’em up, you can thank me later), except meant to be taken seriously by adults. What a concept!
This album has one good point – there are nine tracks, yet the runtime is just over 28 minutes. Be thankful. I cannot recommend this album at all. 

Review by Jonjon