Skydreams Festival will get you jumping

When I was a kid I was terrified of jumping castles. By the time I became brave enough to jump on jumping castles I was pretty much a grown-up, and jumping in castles was frowned upon. Which is why it’s really excited to be able to gush about the jumping castle at Sydney’s Skydreams Festival, coming to Hermann’s on the 8th of September. A jumping castle for grown-ups.

Grown-ups who like music, because, contrary to what my excitement over the jumping castle suggests, Skydreams is a music festival, a night of Sydney tunes, vintage fashion, tarot cards and live radio.

Starting as a website where creative types in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can share their talent online, Skydreams doesn’t seem to care about much more than pure fun and talent. A great combination for a Saturday night.

Twelve hours (3pm until 3am on Sunday morning) will see 15 Sydney artists have a pretty awesome time across two stages (one indoors and one outdoors). They include Darren Cross (Gerling, E.L.F.), Regular John, The Holy Soul, Dead China Doll, Whipped Cream Chargers, East River, Fox, Reckless Vagina, Quaoub, Broken Chip, Jules Ferrari with Ash Morgan and Sarah Baiada, Through The Forest Door (Luke O’Farrel) and B. Deep. DJ’s Ombudsman and Jasper Clifford-Smith will bring in spring with what promises to be a really fun time.

Even if great local music, ‘Vintage Clothing for Sexy Idiots’ and the prospect of dancing all night haven’t convinced you this will be a whole lot of fun, it’s only $15 plus a booking fee, for a whole Saturday night out. That, and there will be a jumping castle.


Words by Jess O’Callaghan. More details about Skydreams here and you can book here.