Ben Folds Five dance their cares away

“Dance your cares away/Worry’s for another day/Let the music play…”

If you are of a certain age, that theme tune will represent getting home from school and putting the telly on to watch the genius that was Fraggle Rock. Well, reunited alternative rock innovators Ben Folds Five were obviously fans of the show too, because their brand new clip for Do It Anyway features those furry legends Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red and Uncle Traveling Matt. There are also a few celebrity cameos. Oh, and the song is pretty great too.

This is the first track from the band’s much anticipated album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. Stay tuned until the end of the clip for a rendition of the Fraggle Rock theme tune.

This has made our day. Ben Folds? YES! Fraggles? YES YES! Amazing.