Future Classic DJs talk compilations

Carol has a chat with Future Classic DJ’s:

Why did you decide to release the Future Classic DJ’s compilation album?
Lots of people who listen to our Soundcloud mixes were ask for a compilation from us and we simultaneously had a bunch of exclusive songs coming to us, that we wanted a nice platform for to sit alongside some of our back catalogue which, at 75 releases for the label, is starting to become substantial.

The album takes from a lot of different genres, what sort of person do you think will be listening to the compilation?
We just put out what we like and that happens to be a wide range of music from bass, indie, disco, house, techno… the best stuff for our ears often doesn’t fit anywhere but takes music somewhere new by being unique. We get bored easily and are always hungry for something new, our listeners and artists are too.

What are your two favourite tracks off the release, and why?
Flume’s Tropical Sun – a free and easy bassy disco jam – and maybe Gung Ho, Twin Rays (Worst Friends Remix) that finishes the record with a Sunday-afternoon-by-the-skatepark-chilling-with-friends kind of vibe. Worst Friends are made up of Slow Hands from NYC who’s part of the wolf & lamb massive and Tom Croose, aka Beats of Chutney, out of surfside LA who I met while in the US after Worst Friends did an EP for Future Classic called Neves for None.

You have released loads of free mixtapes on the internet over the past couple of years – do you think its important to give away free music?
It’s fun. And instantaneous. So it’s great just to connect with everyone and keep it about the music. The industry is changing so quickly, and for the better in our opinion, so we enjoy pushing it and experimenting.

The Future Classic parties at The Civic Hotel are notoriously wild. What has been your favourite live act that you have brought to Australia this year?
It would have to be The Whitest Boy Alive, who played our party at Sydney Festival and we toured around with them nationally. We were working on getting Erlend Oye to Australia for years so finally convincing him and the band then hanging out surfing with them and seeing them enjoy the trip was rad. Those guys just rule.

Will you release more compilations in the future?
Yes! But you are hearing that here first, we just decided over the table we’re sitting at together now. It’s been a cool experience and a good project so we’ll do another along the same lines next year. But make it better ; )

What’s planned for the rest of the year?
Gig wise we’re currently at Bigsound, an industry showcase/conference thing in Brisbane with Mitzi, Flume, New Navy and Gung Ho. Next weekend we have Kenji Takimi from Japan playing our Adult Disco party in Sydney at GoodGod, then we are keeping Flume company on the road for Parklife. On the 12 October we play our bi-monthly all night residency at GoodGod in Sydney, then I am off with Flume to CMJ in NYC and a couple of gigs in LA. In November we are doing a special Melbourne party that’s TBA but going to be exciting. Record wise we have the debut EP for Panama dropping October 22 with an amazing video for the single and title track It’s Not Over that we just got back from the director in Berlin. Mitzi release the lead single from their forthcoming debut album that’s currently being mixed by Ash Workman (who produced the Metronomy album, Summer Camp, Klaxons, etc) in London. The Flume album drops in November, an EP for Tigerskin of ace house and disco jams and I think/hope that is it! But inevitably it won’t be. Haha.

Interview by Carol Bowditch. Follow Future Classic on Facebook