LEGO recreates some of Australia’s top moments

From the excitement of creating new worlds to the shooting pain up your leg when you stood on a rogue piece in bare feet, LEGO is an integral part of every kid’s childhood. As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, LEGO Australia has today unveiled recreations of the top ten Aussie moments from the past 50 years, as voted by the public. Almost 14,000 votes were cast, and esteemed British photographer Mike Stimpson has spent weeks recreating the top ten using LEGO Minifigures.

In what is a pretty bloody cool photo gallery, Creating History is a showcase of the nation’s fondest nostalgic moments on display now at Check out unforgettable sporting milestones, iconic Aussie films and significant occasions.

Mike Stimpson said; “Creating historical moments with LEGO Minifigures is a great passion of mine, and I’ve had a lot of fun taking these moments that Aussies hold are so dear to them and turning them into fun and playful LEGO Minifigure versions.”

Creating History is the latest activation to be announced as part of this year’s LEGO Festival of Play, a series of digital, social and experiential events all paying homage to the humble LEGO brick and its 50-year milestone in Australia. Just don’t stand on them with no shoes on.

See the full gallery here.