Five things that inspire Texture like Sun

Melbourne based indie folk band Texture Like Sun have just dropped their debut self titled EP. Its sound lands nicely in the ground between great darkness and rich warmth and we’re fans of it, here at Something You Said. We took the opportunity to ask Mark Pearl from the group about some of the things that inspire him: 

60s Soul music – I get a lot of vocal inspiration from soul music – always have. That and the power of the instrumentation itself. There’s a realness to it all that I don’t find in a lot of other music. It’s the one genre that consistently moves me. Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Otis, Etta James, Donny Hathaway… it’s a big and ever growing list.

Doors – What? Doors? Yeah, doors. Not the band. Actual doors. This one is a little left of centre. I’m not sure they inspire me but I had to add it because they really stop me in my tracks sometimes. I’ve travelled Europe and the Middle East quite a bit, and I find myself stopping at 300-400 year old doors and marvelling at their size, beauty and history. Yup, this ones a little weird.

Non fiction – I’m addicted. Whether it’s an autobiography, history book or even a pamphlet I’ve picked up, I find myself drawn to it.

Middle Eastern food – A little limiting for a vegetarian I admit. I think it’s the hommus and tehina actually – add them to anything and I’m happy. Falafel, chick pea salad, tabouli. I’ve just realised this also doesn’t inspire me and now I’m hungry.

Day Moons – I like the moon at night as well but something about seeing the moon during the day has me stopping and looking up for a while. As natural as it is, it somehow looks unnatural and out of place.

Words by Mark Pearl. Follow Texture Like Sun on Facebook and grab yourself the EP on iTunes.