Flume’s debut album makes you feel good

Carol Bowditch has a listen to Flume’s first LP:

Flume, the twenty year old Sydney producer, has just released his eagerly awaited debut to the delight of the many fans he has gained from his extensive exposure, including support gigs for The xx and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. His breakthrough songs, Sleepless and Holdin’ On, feature on the record, and the remaining of the 15 tracks are all bangers of the same calibre.

It’s club music that makes you feel good, blending soul and hip-hop with a heavy electronic backing. There are some pretty exciting musical cameos too. One in particular that gets me white-girl-dancing around my room is On Top, with a guy called T-Shirt providing 90s influenced hip-hop rhymes over Flume’s beats. Chet Faker’s vocals on Left Alone are aggressive, laid over a repetition of bleeps. Moon Holiday also makes a musical appearance on the dreamy interlude, Insane.

It’s an impressive debut record from someone so young, and I’m sure that he won’t be playing support slots for too much longer.


Words by Carol Bowditch