Prudence Lee Rees – Emmanuelle


Our intern is a hard working lady, sifting through the piles of new music we get sent so that you don’t have to and bringing the best of it to your ears. Here’s the latest song that got her attention:

Today, while you’re procrastinating/multitasking, take an acid trip back in time with Prudence Lee Rees. Her song Emmanuelle evokes a time of velvet pea coats and jabot fronted shirts, rhythmic gymnastics and the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. A debut track backed by mystical harpsichord and a phantasmagorical strings section, with her vocals whispering sweet melodic nothings in your ear.

It’s a bold and ambitious direction for the Hammocks and Honey singer, and we wait with baited breath for her solo album Court Music From The Planet of Love, due out in April next year. Hopefully it too spews psychedelic strangeness, and as it boasts a bevy of collaborations with artists including Shags Chamberlain (Lost Animal/Pikelet), Jacinta Masters (Useless Children/The Emergency) amongst others, a fantastical frenzy is ensued.

In the meantime – emancipate your workplace, ascend from your laptop and float in the hazy no-holds-barred nostalgia that is Emmanuelle by Prudence Lee Rees.

bianca cornale


Words by Bianca Cornale.