Happy New Year from Something You Said


What a great year it’s been. We launched this site in August and it has gone from strength to strength since then, due to a lot of hard work from our team the support of you, our loyal readers. So thanks very much for taking to time to read our words, look at our pictures and watch our videos. We think you’re great. Anyhoo, to ring in the new year, we asked our contributors what their highlights were of 2012 and also their predictions for 2013. They offered up a mix of musical and personal ones. Here they are:


It would definitely have to be the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay. Everything about that weekend was perfect. The weather (despite the brief hail storm), the company and the town. Though the line up was not quite as excellent as the previous year, it was still very decent and I got to see some of my personal favourites such as Seekae, Tame Impala, The Shins, Band of Skulls and Bloc Party. As far as fashion is concerned, the highlight for me was by far the Alexander Wang Spring 2013 collection. (I’ll dabble more into that in my summary of fashion in 2012.) Liana Gow-Killingbeck

Forgive my sentimentality, but the birth of my son Eli in February has been the highlight of my life let alone the highlight of 2012. Nothing compares although Dexys in Brighton was a close second! Neil Martin

The highest highlight? There were lots. Being in a country where there are ten people ready to say the word ‘cabinet’ or ‘biscuit’ in an English accent at any given time, eating mandarin gelato or ice skating in London at Christmas. Jess O’Callaghan.

Obviously getting married to my wife Michelle has to be top of my list. The best day you could ever wish for with the greatest friends and family there to enjoy it too. Gary Page

I flew 10000 miles (in a plane, I didn’t just flap my arms) to surprise my friend at his the stag party and attended the wedding (see above). While in the country, I went on a boozy night out with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. Amazing. Bobby Townsend

‘Non’ booty dancing onstage with Major Lazer’s ridiculous posse of ghetto bitches, at Berlin Festival. Jemma Cole

My personal highlight was traveling in Latin America for five months. I cannot tell you the lessons you will learn visiting third world countries. I went to the most perfect island in the Caribbean, Bastimentos. The Caribbean is god’s water. I was in heaven taking boats from island to island, or taking the kayak to go snorkel. I loved sleeping over the sea and hiking through the jungle. I love their mix of English, Spanish and Native tongues. I loved eating whole fried fish with coconut rice. Also, hanging out with a rad Panamanian named Jaguar and his family really was amazing. They built their two hostels with their hands. He taught us how to fish with a line and a plastic bottle. He taught us the awesome ways of a machete. I was at my happiest on Bastimentos. Tenley Nordstrom

Seeing Craig Charles rock a boat on the Thames with some badass funk and soul. 25ThC

Heading to BigSound music conference in Brisbane where I snuck into industry seminars in the day and saw some of my favourite bands in the evening. Also got to hang with my bud Luen and had some really fun times. Marcus Thaine.

Making the spontaneous decision to move to completely culturally different country. Kaya Strehler

Getting paid to watch great bands, working at The Metro in Sydney! Katie Holcombe

This was the year I visited Australia! Without a doubt the absolute highlight of the trip was walking around the base of Ayers Rock, such a special, spiritual place. Having looked at it in text books and on other people’s postcards for 23 years, it was pretty bloody amazing to stand in its shadow. Alice Parsons

Meeting magnificent Daisy Jean! Golden Lady (talking about the birth of her daughter)


I will watch a shit load of films and listen to a shit load of music then I will talk shit about them all. Business as usual. Neil Martin

The Great Gatsby is going to kick-ass, because the best book ever combined with the best director ever and one of the best actors ever just has to be epic. Right? Kaya Strehler

I wanna believe that with artists like Grimes and Lana Del Ray having made a grand impact with their bold and interesting personalities/sounds that mainstream music might shift ever so slightly in 2013, embrace a more independent spirit. As females have indeed ruled the pop airwaves in recent years, it’s refreshing to have been confronted with a more subtle and unique brand of femininity.
And that with a similarly original turn in TV, film and literature these fields will also experience a parallel shift in originality. Golden Lady.

Caitlin Park and Sui Zhen will be even more all over the place. Please. Jess O’Callaghan

A Funky Junk mixtape from myself. 25ThC

My musical prediction of 2013 comes as a force of three potentially groundbreaking artists.
 First being Kirin J Callinan who is undoubtably one of the most inventive and accomplished guitarists around. Nothing sounds like him. I’m pretty sure he’s releasing an album this year, and really, it’s been a long time coming. His debut, however, could go one of two ways. Either it will be heralded as critical genius and will have Pitchfork gushing and frothing like Niagara Falls, or it will be perceived as just too weird (listen to the song The Toddler). I think it’s going to be amazing.
 Airick Woodhead, aka Doldrums used to live in a warehouse, throw wild noise parties and dated Claire Boucher aka Grimes. That alone should tell you enough about what to expect from Doldrums. It’s massively electronic, sample heavy music punctuated by androgynous vocals. Doldrums can write an amazing pop song, just listen to Jump Up, but much like the aforementioned Kirin, Doldrums can be a little hard to initially digest. Finally is see big, interesting things from Charli XCX. If you’re familiar with her recent work you might cringe away, writing her off as simply girly pop, but there’s a lot more to her. Yeah it’s pop music, but it’s interesting and fun in the same way Grimes is, though maybe a little more commercial sounding. There are some really interesting beats and massive melodies- it’s really just great pop. Marcus Thaine

On a personal level I intend to record a single/b-side every month of 2013 as this is the only way I can see I will get my backlog of pretty good songs out to the world. But hey, that’s a self-indulgent prediction. I predict 2013 will be another interesting year for living. Don’t take yourself too seriously, go and see your parents if you can, meet up with your friends, keep smiling and remember, we’re all different! x Gary Page

A Tame Impala/Kylie Minogue collaboration. Seriously. “I’ve got a whole album waiting for Kylie Minogue. [laughs] That sounds like a joke, but I actually do. I have, like, seven songs ready.” Harriet Cheney

In 2013 I predict there will be another Star Wars film. It will cause much ruckus. Alice Parsons

The first few months of 2013 are looking a bit thin on the ground, but there’s still new releases from Eels, Yo La Tengo and Nick Cave to look forward to. Oh, and I’ve finally downloaded GarageBand, so all I need now is a small spark of genius – or a vague idea at least. Andy James

I am going to be keeping an eye on Azealia Banks, I heard she was doing something with Moby… so if that’s true, I wanna hear it. Also, pretty keen to listen to some more stuff from Suuns. I believe they have an album coming out next year and I want to get my greedy paws on it. Not sure what else is happening musically in 2013 as of yet. I’m afraid I take Qui-Gon’s advice too seriously and try to live in the moment. Chuckle. Liana Gow-Killingbeck

Legalize it worldwide. Tenley Nordstrom

More of those fucking annoying Facebook privacy policy status updates. Bobby Townsend