Velvet Pins are a smidge psychedelic

velvet one

Looking for some summer threads that are cute-as-can-be, with a twist of quirkyness and a vintage vibe? Why not check out emerging Brisbane label Velvet Pins? Their sophomore collection ‘Deep Awake’ is super adorable, not to mention beautifully hand-crafted and reasonably priced!

The ladies behind the label, Amy Wardrop and Cat Maddin, have been responsible for entirely everything in order to bring this collection to life. From the designing, pattern making, production and dispatch, to sourcing out rare fabrics and hand-creating their own embellishments, they have poured their hearts into making these garments truly unique. Taking their inspiration from Amy’s great aunt Gwen Gillam, (who coincidentally enough was a famous Brisbane couture dressmaker known for her classic, detailed and innovative designs)  these ladies have focused on quality craftsmanship and producing threads that are semi-exclusive, which won’t been seen everywhere and anywhere. They’re special.”We try to make all our own embellishments as a point of difference in this world of mass produced, homogenised fashion”. 

‘Deep Awake’ is for when “the world around you becomes endlessly beautiful and rhythmically dynamic”. The collection has a very nostalgic 1960’s/1970’s gypsy feel to it. It is sweet, feminine, a smidge psychedelic and oh so groovy. So for those vintage lovin’ free spirits out there, you need to get on this! My pick of the collection: Desert Sunbra (pictured, top).
Velvet_Pins_11_grande Velvet_Pins_8_grande Velvet_Pins_6_grande Velvet_Pins_4_grande Velvet_Pins_2_grande
Photography: Aimee Catt
Hair & MUA: Lisa Konkol
Stylist: Velvet Pins