Get Amped For VIVID Festival


Carol Bowditch provides a crash-course on the VIVID festival that is touring Sydney May-June.

The annual VIVID festival is rolling into Sydney in May. It always brings us at great joy at that a festival can both, bring a load of great artists to our silly far away island, and also, be a celebration of light (of all things). The event is based within the Sydney Opera House, where most of the live gigs are held, but, all of the fun is not limited to inside it’s great walls. The sails of the building are lit up as part of the festival for the whole city to enjoy.
Last year we watched a woman rolling over the structure thanks to some amazing work by designers Urbanscreen, this year lighting duties will be tackled by The Spinifex Group, who have previously worked on massive projects in China and London.
But enough of that, lets get onto the main reason we love VIVID, for the live stuff of course! So to get you in the mood we have put together a playlist of artists that we love and hope to see during the festival. 

Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart
I know, I know, it’s a very popular song off his most recent of 18-odd releases,  but i’m sure he will play this little number as a touring artist in 2013. If it were 1972 I would probably choose Woman’s Gotta Have It, (mmhm so smooth), but it’s not.

Cloud Control – Gold Canary
This is a song that you can listen to 15 times and enjoy, then leave for a year or two then fall in love with it all over again. Plus, the video has sexy Brazillian dancers!

Empire of the Sun- We Are The People
A real body mover this little 2008 ditty. Maybe we could revive the “bang gang” at the gig?

Kraftwerk- The Robots
I was telling my dad that people were going nuts to get tickets to Kraftwerk’s gigs, he being a pretty dorky IT man, responded cooly with “I saw them in the 80’s”. I don’t get all of the fuss about the band now from people my age either, but, whatever, this is a pretty good track.

C.W Stoneking – Jungle Blues
Just think of Stoneking up there on the Opera House stage singing his honky tonk blues with a full band. I can only imagine very good things.

Justin Vernon (aka. Bon Iver) – Blood Bank
I foresee a large sold out audience of swooning young things holding eachother and weeping to his very pretty back catalogue of music.

Future Classic DJ’s
Will most likely have something lined up that sounds and looks like Sébastien Tellier’s Divine..

Goodgod DJ’s
Last year Nicky Tha B tore shit up at the Goodgod Party, the man brought some serious twerking to the Opera House.
If you have no idea what I mean just listen to the clip and start groovin’.

For more information about VIVID Live, check out their website for details and to book tickets.

Words By Carol Bowditch.