Generationals Put a Light on

Generationals’ newest aural output, Put A Light On is funky-as-hell. It doesn’t sound entirely dissimilar to Phoenix, if you’re looking for a handle. Sounding like Phoenix, by the way, is perfectly fine by us. It has jangly percussion, cute call-and-response vocals and it is sure to get you bopping about, wherever you may be.

The video is a colour saturated video collage of people… well… just kinda doing things, cut with the band singing and is like an amalgamation of my Tumblr feed. For the uninitiated, Generationals are an indie-rock duo hailing from New Orleans. Not a bad place from which to come, if you’re a musician.

Put A Light On It is taken from the band’s newest release, Heza, which is out now.

Words by Carol Bowditch.