Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens: Adeleine

We’ve given alt-folk group Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens a whole lotta love in the past. We’ve interviewed the delightful Julia Johnson and have given the band’s latest album a glowing review. So we’re excited to now bring you a new clip for Adeleine, which is the second single to be lifted from the Canberra group’s sophomore album Family Pets.

“Adeleine was written right before we hit the studio,” Julia told us when we chatted to her. “The Deep Sea Sirens were horrified when I threw another song in to the mix just a few days before recording. It’s the first time I made a conscious effort to stop being friends with someone. I still miss her a bit even now, she was so friendly, but she’d take advantage of my kindness at every turn and eventually I had to accept she was never going to change.”

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