Abbe May’s Sex Tourette’s

Sex Tourette’s? No, we’re not entirely certain what Sex Tourette’s are either. However, what we are absolutely sure about is that Abbe May’s latest single is a visual representation of the dark-yet-sexy, confident but vulnerable new direction that she is taking on her new album, Kiss My Apocalypse.

The third single from her new album illustrates her new shift in tone. “[Previous album] Design Desire was a deliberate trip into 70’s psychedelia and an intentional marrying of that with reverb drenched enya-esque 80’s vocals,’ said Abbe. “I’m bored with standard rock. I’m bored with the standard ‘cool’.”

And so we have Kiss My Apocalypse. Minimal guitars. Maximum synth-driven doom-pop. “Pop is sexy when done well and it’s incredibly difficult to do it well if you try too hard,” she told us. “I’m so tired of this whole shoe gaze – it-cost-a-lot-of-money-to get-a-haircut-that-looks-like-I-haven’t-brushed-my-hair-in-months type shit.”

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