Ridiculously Cute Teen Sensations

teen sensations
Heaven (and everyone I’ve ever discussed music with) knows, I love doo wop. Probably too much. Definitely too much. So this new release Surf and Sway from Brisbane’s Teen Sensations was a welcome addition to my inbox.

Their ridiculously cute kind of surf-pop mixes Beach Boys wholesomeness with cheeky indie guitars and the occasional yowled lyric. What does it for me however are the super daggy doo-wop backing vocals which add a little bit of careless kitsch, and differentiates Teen Sensations from the usual bong-ripping, three-chord-playing surf bands from Brisbane.

It’s a little pensive without being melancholy, and lot of fun without being shallow. Check out Teen Sensations newest release Surf and Sway right here where you can grab it at a price you see fit.

bianca cornale
Words by Bianca Cornale