Peak Twins Are Steppin’ Off

I usually steer clear of pun-based band names. Sunglasses indoors is another thing that kinda irks me, but we will just have to let that go as well, because Melbourne’s Twin Peaks have infiltrated by silly ways with their banger tune, Steppin’ Off.  The video finds the lads surrounded in a smokey haze, with protected eyewear, twanging out a tune in that Melbourne specific brand of garage rock. It’s lazy, it’s “cool”, you’d probably hear it at The Tote,  it’s great.

If you’re keen on what you see and hear, the band are releasing an LP soon on Bedroom Suck soon, and you should probably get it or else Bob will probably appear at your window and some gnarly shit will go down.

Words by Carol Bowditch. Peak Twins image taken from here