Win a Racing Experience at Silverstone!

drew is giving you the opportunity to take your driving skills to Silverstone. For freeeeeee! Read on:

Having gained my preliminary driving license in Australia at the ripe old age of twenty-one, I can safely say that, even though it took time, I love driving, I love driving real fast and will often detour on freeways just so I can feel a bit like Drew Barrymore in that runaway scene in Charlies Angels. When I go for a cruise with my mother, detaching her nervous clawed hands from her knees requires a surgical procedure when I pass 90 km/h.

If you are like me and love going for a fast ride, or have spent far too many hours drooling over cars shown on Top Gear, you might be interested in WINNING AN AMAZING DAY OF SPEED RACING AT SILVERSTONE, the current home of the British Grand Prix. Yup, in collaboration with Ladbrokes Poker, we’re giving away a Silverstone driving experience. The prize is worth up to £100, and the winner gets to drive real fast sports cars and super cars that racing dreams are made of. Stars and stripes jumpsuits may or may not be included in the experience* (*they’re not).