Laurel & Hector Vintage – Twist ‘n’ Pout


A friend of mine once had this vintage two-piece houndstooth number. Every-time she wore the bodacious retro ensemble, the eyes of any male would be drawn to her. This magnetic vintage outfit was the only one of its kind, never to be repeated, which made it so special and envy-worthy. So I was happy when I discovered the clothing of Laurel & Hector Vintage, a Sydney-based label, as I thought that I may also be able to find a little something that would make me look so damn fancy.

Laurel & Hector Vintage pieces are handmade with love, are all one-of-a-kind, with styles taking cues from 60’s mod. The label recently released their latest collection “Twist ‘n’ Pout”, a line  featuring sleek cigarette pant-suits, go-go shimmy dresses, vintage styles made of vintage fabric for the modern forward-thinking gal that just happened to be born in the wrong decade.

If you are looking for a cute outfit that nods to a different decade, have a look at the new “Twist ‘n’ Pout” collection here, follow the brand on Facebook, or if you are after something specific, contact the director, Kee Kee ( and your vintage clothing dreams are sure to be met.

Words by Carol Bowditch. Oh and you may recognise the top-left model to be our fave artist Noni Cragg.