The Snowdroppers are committed


I recently took some photos of The Snowdroppers’ performance at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney. After I posted them I couldn’t help but feel like I had culled some of the most profound images. They were haunting me, whispering to be set free.

We’re all familiar with Guitarist Orgasm Face – I think they’re faking it – but since Beyonce’s SuperBowl Face the bar is raised for the kind of commitment that a singer needs to show on their visage so you know they ain’t lip syncing. No longer can they sit back while the guitarist’s mug does all the work.

Unlike guitar ‘o’ face there’s no way anyone would fake this. Like mighty Beyonce, Snowdropper guy is definitely committed wholeheartedly to what he is doing. Powerful stuff indeed.

oliver heath


Words and pictures by Oliver Heath.