Mayer Hawthorne Parties with Dogs

Haven’t heard of Mayer Hawthorne? Well, he’s an LA based singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, DJ, rapper and multi instrumentalist. Yeah, alright show off, way to make the rest of us look lazy and useless.

Anyhoo, in Her Favourite Song, Hawthorne tells the story of a lady having a night out. She wears a sexy dress and gets the bartender to fix her a bev. She then comes home after a night tearing up the d-floor to sing along to her favourite song, and the “world keeps turning and life goes on…”

Lyrically, the song follows on in a similar pattern. This is placed over a funky, incredibly pleasant bass-line and it is true that Hawthorne definitely has a solid set of pipes. This is all well and good – a nice number about a sexy lady sung by a (kinda) sexy man, but what makes this song fucking brilliant is the sheer number of dogs in the video pretending to do human things. We like it when the dogs ladle up “booze” with their tongues in slow-mo. Glorious!

The song is taken from Hawthorne’s long-player, Where Does This Door Go, out now.

Words by Carol Bowditch