Music Video: Charlotte OC, Colour My Heart

When a musician informs us that their overriding influences are dressing up as a child and visiting Berlin, we consider them a kindred spirit here at So it’s pretty safe to assume we’re kinda intrigued by Blackburn-born Charlotte OC, as she unleashes her new single, ‘Colour My Heart’.

The 22-year-old from Lancashire is clearly keen to spread her wings, writing the song in the German capital and recording it in LA (with Tim Anderson, who has worked with Solange and Sia). Meanwhile, the accompanying video fits in with her spooky gospel sound.

Are there big things to come for Charlotte OC? Have a look/listen to the above clip and decide for yourself. Us? Well, we think it’s a distinct possibility.

If you dig her sounds, you can follow Charlotte OC on Facebook and Twitter.