Guest Mixtape: Keep On Dancin’s

keep on dancin

Interestingly-named Brisbane-based quartet, Keep On Dancin’s are purveyors of a disarmingly-frank blend of punk, shoegaze, and surf-rock. With their newest single ‘Grey Ghost’ about to land, we thought we’d ask them to tell us their favourite other Brisbane acts. Here’s the mixtape of the best Brissy bands curated by guitarist/songwriter Yuri:

Thee Hugs – She’s My Girl


Thee Hugs are Brisbane’s most underrated band. People are waylaid by how obnoxiously loud and juvenile they are but they have better melodies than most ‘good’ bands.

– – –

Seja – I’ll Get To You

The synthesisers in this song sound so god-damn good it makes me ashamed to be a guitar player. And the song itself is truly to die for. Seja is a treasure!

– – –
James X Boyd – Newtown Tango

Most people in the Brisbane rock’n’roll scene are too cowardly to write soulful songs. Not James X Boyd.

– – –

Blank Realm – Pendulum Swing

This song makes me want to dance and fight! I can never put my finger on why Blank Realm are so good. They just are.

– – –

Cannon – Everywhere


Cannon are a rowdy garage-punk band that we love. They cover ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac and it’s strangely touching.

– – –
Feathers – Darklands

Pretty sure this band does not exist anymore but they were always one of our favourites.

– – –

Cobwebbs – Shut it Down

Just heard this song for the first time today. Doomy!

Keep on Dancin have just dropped ‘Grey Ghost’, which is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album Hunter, due for release in early 2014. Have a listen below and keep up to date with the band on Facebook.