Review: White Summer’s new EP

1004861_10153244901295472_379546769_n’s Tenley Nordstrom gives a listen to the Melbourne-based trio:

White Summer’s EP, What We’ve Been Waiting For opens with a heavy driving bass line overladen with an almost airy and melodic guitar riff. Jimmy Stanfield’s vocals rip through and we’re off for an intense 12 minutes of rock and roll. Each member’s talent shines in a wonderfully balanced manner.

I keep reading comparisons to The Black Keys, but I hear something else. I hear the influence of that oh-so-amazing chapter in rock music: the 90’s. I feel more Stone Temple Pilots than Black Keys. It’s a very big sound for a three piece, and they pull it off well. Anthony Zielke’s bass playing is placed front and centre in a fashion that is rare and exceptional. Maybe that’s bound to be needed when your drummer is also the lead singer.

The single from this EP is ‘Head In The Sand’, but my favourite track is ‘Lone Desire.’ Stanfield’s vocals are at their most gritty and the highs and lows of this track are a perfect journey. The band ploughs through each song unrelenting in their assault. When it’s over, it feels abrupt and you’re not quite sure what just happened. I have a feeling their live shows are absolutely mental.

If you’re a Melbourne dweller, you can find out for yourself by catching White Summer live at the Ding Dong Lounge on November 23rd and The Workers Club on December the 8th.

Words by Tenley Nordstrom.