Music: Free Rainbow Chan Remix!


Backseat your bummer vibes and take a listen to Nick Zinner’s remix of Haircut by Rainbow Chan. You’ll be well on the way to busting public dance-moves and bad-bitching curious onlookers.

The Sydney savant of electro-pop has been getting love all round for her Long Vacation EP. Now Silo Arts is turning loose its remixes, starting with a reworking from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ own guitar-wielding vampire. Zinner’s take delays the intro of the bass-line and adds crunching metallic percussion.

There’s a euphoria to Chan’s etherial vocals, which denounce codependence in the wake of a stellar new hairdo. There’s a new dimension of 80’s dancehall tropicana; something you wouldn’t expect from the man who cowrote seminal rock ‘n’ roll gems for his New York trio.

And as if that wasn’t persuasive enough; you can get this baby for free below. FOR FREE.

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bianca cornale


Words by Bianca Cornale.