Thank you for the memories, 2013

Happy Nearly New Year erryone, from We hope y’all have a brilliant New Year’s Eve and that 2014 is even better. For us, 2013 was an absolute belter. We won an award, celebrated our first birthday and our team of contributors grew to over 60 people all over the world. Here are said contributors’ personal highlights (and also see all of their favourite releases of the year here):

I’m running the risk of gushing here… but basically I made the decision after a very unhappy 2012 to quit my job and move myself overseas. I travelled for three months around Europe but had the pleasure of discovering Couch Surfing, a global travel initiative which brings together travellers and hosts around the world. Managing to get out of the hostels and into the houses and lives of the locals who were able to show me customs and practices of the places I was visiting was incredible. One particular time was in Salzburg, Austria. My host took me rock climbing with his friends at sundown. When we summited we were able to look along the neighbouring mountaintops and see fires being lit as a celebration of the longest day of the year, June 22. That was quite a feat. Sophie Metcalfe

Watching the furore unfold over Miley’s twerking’ episode. Kate Holcombe

I climbed a mountain. BOOM. Sonia Clarke

harriet at sxswSXSW in Austin, Texas. Five days packed full of enough live music to keep you busy every day for five weeks. The atmosphere was incredible, the people so friendly, the 100+ venues superb and the music, everywhere you turn, phenomenal! About as close to heaven on earth as I can imagine. Harriet Cheney (pictured left, at SXSW)

On a personal note, I suffer from terrible asthma. A large reason of why I began playing musical instruments was I was unable to participate in athletic activities while growing up. Not for want of trying, but I was always more the sick boy in the bubble. In an accomplishment I never thought I could dream of doing in my lifetime I trained and ran the City 2 Surf this year, working with a trainer and a great friend to help reach my goal, and along with it raise money for ACON, who help LGBT youth with a range of issues, along with bringing awareness to sexual health and safety, particular in relation to AIDS. Now that I have done this once for 2013, I intend to do it every year, and after a recent doctors’ report I can proudly say that I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Jack Colwell

The Eurovision Song Contest. Cannot believe I actually went. Alice Parsons

My highlight for 2013 was recording a solo EP. Five songs that feel true to my self, true to my inner soundtrack. Oh! And my magnificent daughter, Daisy Jean, who turned one this year 🙂 Golden Lady

Oof this is hard. I guess the highlight would have to be getting a writing job this summer, and subsequently moving into an amazing little studio. Also, all of those dates… I won’t write about them since I’ve already had more than a few guys surprised at finding themselves the objects of my humor in essays that I write. Elaina Ransford

judgeWeirdly, I wasn’t present for my highlight of the year. One Friday in October, I was happily tapping away at my laptop when I received an email from one of my team. I’d sent Elfy along to the Pedestrian Awards in Sydney under the assumption that, while Something You Said was nominated for an award, we were there to make up the numbers. Elfy’s email read: “BOBBY WE WON A FUCKING AWARD”. I jumped around the room punching the air in a motion which strangely dissected aggressive and very camp. Something You Said is a labour of love for me. In my entire life, it is the thing I have put the most effort into. I work relentlessly to make it is good as I can, so for my team to win an award genuinely means a lot. I was – and am – immensely proud. Oh, and I also got to be a judge in a talent contest alongside Isy Suttie from Peep Show and brilliant comedian Jo Neary (pictured). That was awesome. Bobby Townsend

Touring with my good friends David Ford, Jarrod Dickenson, Emily Grove and Bobby Six. Just a wonderful few weeks with some amazing shows. Joe Haddow

Swimming in a Swedish river in the sun. Tom Spooner

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Kanye spoof – Bound 3. Watch it and you’ll find no words are necessary to describe it or justify this being being the highlight of my year – just…. beautiful. Melissa Oey

13 roomsPerhaps not the bestest thing of the year but I thought the 13 Rooms exhibition (pictured left) in Sydney was amazing, free and all inclusive at a sweet location. Moving to Europe was quite ok too… Carol Bowditch

So many highlights but one that stands out was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at The Metro in January. It was also a reunion for the ‘Stop The Virgens’ cast, an awesome night of catching up and drinking beers. Sara Potter

Being single. Finding my new housemate/soul sister. Tenley Nordstrom

Achieving last years goal to write and record more music, in fact I managed to record one song every month for 2012, I guess you could put it together and call it an album. Musically 2012 turned out to be a fantastic year for the recorded album. I personally had to leave out another dozen records that would grace any other years list. Gary Page

Two highlights: My trip to Israel in July and falling in love for the first time. Tammy Potakh


I’ve been living the past year in Switzerland and, true to their annual holiday plans, my family (most of them anyway) came to Bern for a month of the summer. It was amazing to have them there and for the first time made the city really feel like home. Kaya Strehler

ROBO HEART Halloween Party. Put on by the Burners at Burning man. CRAZY!! My best friend Greta coming from Australia for a month. Madeline Kragh

Finally seeing my favourite band live for the first time, Animal Collective!! Blew. My. Mind. Liana Gow-Killingbeck

And, of course, Something You Said’s birthday celebrations were awesome. Here are some of our birthday greetings.

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