Bok Bok featuring Kelela – Melba’s Call

Introduction number one: Bok Bok, otherwise known as Alex Sushon, is a London-based DJ, producer and director of record label Night Slugs.

Introduction number two: LA-based Kelela Mizanekristos sits at the forefront of the experimental R&B movement, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean.

Put the two together and what do you have? You have Melba’s Call, that’s what. It’s Bok Bok’s first full vocal collaboration and is a hard-hitting yet intimate electronic track. It features classic funk production blended with the unsteady 8-bar logic and sub weight that is Bok Bok’s signature, along with Kelela’s “visceral update of the R&B female modality with genuine, self-penned tales of love.” Which is a rather convoluted way of saying it’s rather bloody fabulous. 

We’re expecting great things from both of these artists in 2014. And this is a pretty good start, no?

Bok Bok featuring Kelela – Melba’s Call is availbale to pre-order on iTunes.