The Cairos: Photos we shouldn’t share!

Following on from their critically-acclaimed EP Colours Like Features in 2012, The Cairos are finally set to unleash their debut longplayer, Dream of Reason, in May this year through Island Records. Never a band to do things by halves, the Brisbane locals wrote over 100 songs before they were satisfied with the final tracks selected for the album. One of them was the excellent Desire, which you can check out above.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of their spanking new record, we asked the band to share with us some photos that they probably shouldn’t. Being good sports, they agreed. Have a look at the eleven images containing varying levels of taste and nudity:

1. Ahhh Vietnam. Cash payment in American dollars.

the cairos 1

2. That time Spotify organized our accommodation. #wevemadeit

the cairos 2

3. Rooftop wrestles 

the cairos 3

4.  Alfio having quality time with our manager at Festival of the Sun

the cairos 4

5. Probably best this one is blurry… One for the ladies!!

the cairos 5

6. Good help is hard to find.

the cairos 6

7. 2014’s most fashionable band.

the cairos 7

8. No rockstars here…

the cairos 8

9.  One of our many tour vans.. we got stopped by all walks of life. #theluckymobile

the cairos 9

10. On the road.

the cairos 10.png

11. Our tour manager, Sam, escaping the summer heat at the local swimming pool.

the cairos 11

Dream Of Reason will be released May 2014 through Island Records Australia, and is now available to pre-order via iTunes. Oh, and if you don’t already, then you should totally keep up to date with everything the band have got going on by following them on Facebook.