Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun interview

doc holiday takes the shotgun

Sydney-based bassist and all round lege, James Booker (who recently interviewed Brooks Neilsen of The Growlers for us), talks about his band, Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun, and their plans for 2014.

I would describe Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun as a totally awesome Surf Swamp band. We’re all chill dudes, always down to hang after a show. Even if it get heaps raucous and sweaty we’ll still be ready to set up camp to hang with whoever.

Our new single, Aokigahara sounds like zombie beach dudes whaling on dual neck guitars while surfing around a haunted frigate. It’s our first single to be released from a record we hope to put out in July.

We take inspiration from our friends’ bands making cool music. It’s always strangely invigorating listening to music made by your close mates, something about it seems more real and exciting. I imagine a voodoo photographer would get the same kick out of looking at pictures of his mates, enchanted with their souls, as we do listening to something a friend has made.

Sydney is the real capital of Australia. Canberra is just roundabouts and you can’t even buy bongs over the counter anymore. Sydney is also The Upskirts, Chicks Who Love Guns, Winston Surfshirt, Los Tones, Little Bastard, Bachelor Pad, The Grease Arrester.

But we’d rather be touring Japan.

We’re currently listening to The Growlers on shuffle, the new Black Lips record, Mac DeMarco, Temples.

It might surprise people to learn that our bass player and singer are related but look completely different, aside from both being gloriously handsome.

In 2014, we will be playing a shit tonne of shows… Brisbane, Gold coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Katoomba, as well as a healthy dose of Sydney gigs in between. Videos are important too, so well be doing a few of those as well. The plan is to have the record we’re sitting on now be released in July and then record again in August, start touring again after that and be ready to release the next one for festival season early next year. We wanna stay busy and make the best shit we can, the dream is to get heard as much as possible.

Keep up to date with the Doc boys via Facebook. Or check them out live on May 09 at Frankies in Sydney.

Interview by Carol Bowditch