Shannon and The Clams – Interview


We caught up with Shannon Shaw of American doo-wop act, Shannon and the Clams. She’s supporting/playing with Hunx and His Punx on a raucous Australian tour:

Hey Shannon! This is your first tour to Australia playing as Shannon and the Clams – What will you be doing in your free time while you are here?
Hi! Actually I play in Hunx as well so I was here last year! IT WAS AMAZING! I feel like I could live in Australia honestly. Free time? The beach I suppose!

If you were to play with any Australian act (from any time period), who would it be and why?
Probably The Scientists in the early 80’s. I feel like the shows would be and crazy and fun.

What can we expect from your show? 
All you can expect is that we always have fun and are laughing a lot of the time on stage. Especially if the crowd is into it.

What makes a good live show from a performers perspective?
Audience participation! I hate it when people stand and observe you like a painting. I like it when people dance and scream and stage dive, wear costumes, etc.

How did you become friends with Hunx?
I met him at a party at his old salon years ago and he asked me to sing backups for Hunx. I had no clue I was ever gonna be part of the band!

How is it different performing as Shannon and the Clams compared to being part of Hunx and His Punx?
Yes, they’re much different. Hunx is more like a big ole TA DAAA show. Like a big Vegas showcase or something… it’s almost more of a comedy act sometimes.

What will be on your travel playlist?
I’ve been listening to A LOT of Arthur Alexander lately. What an amazing genuine man and music maker!

Catch Shannon and the Clams support Hunx and His Punx on the following dates in the following cities:

Thur 17 April | Copacabana, Melbourne
Fri 18 Apr | Boogie Festival

Sat 19 Apr | The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Sun 20 Apr | The Farmer & The Owl Laneway Party, Wollongong 
Tues 22 Apr | The Zoo, Brisbane
Thur 23 Apr | Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Interview by Carol Bowditch.