Fashion: CLEONIE Interview – Kitty Scott

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We’ve been chatting to the emerging Australian designers that caught our attention on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Kitty Scott – whose line, CLEONIE, featured in the GROUP SWIM runway show – talks us through feeling confident at the beach and her ideal CLEONIE model.  

How did you get into designing swimwear and creating your label, CLEONIE?
CLEONIE has been one of those childish dreams that never left. I have always loved the beach, the waterside and cool clothes so when I realised I could combine them… that was my calling. CLEONIE eventually came to life after working for other swimwear labels and realising that I too could share a creative vision, focusing on all Australian-made pieces, a vintage aesthetic and new cuts or styles.

What do you need for the perfect day at the beach?
Always a smile, bare feet, loose hair, a bottle of LeTan sunscreen, your CLEONIE cossies and the best kind of friends to share the day with.

10178088_464817686983780_2701191747918180991_nWhere is your favourite place in the world to take a dip?
That is a tough one! I have travelled all over Europe/Asia/Pacific Islands and swam on many a beach – but there is nothing like the feel of your hometown beach, one that is familiar under bare feet, where you know what sets are rolling in… Tamarama Beach is the office away from work. It has had many a shared moment with special friends and will always be a beloved place for me.

Which celebrity (from any era) would you want to wear your designs?
Faye Dunaway. She is Bonnie Parker in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde- She reminds me of my mum when she was younger.

What tips/advice would you give to gals who might not be especially confident in swimwear? What do you think it takes to feel confident and sexy?
Just wear a smile and be carefree. There is nothing more confident than a free and happy person.

You are about to release your new range. What else do you have planned for the remainder of the year and beyond? Where do you hope to be as a label in five years?
For the rest of this year CLEONIE will continue to create beautiful Australian made pieces, we will be launching a children’s line and two further swimwear seasons to see out the year. I see CLEONIE on beaches all over the world, with carefree, smiling, barefoot friends making memories.

For more information on CLEONIE, check out their website and Facebook.



Interview by Carol Bowditch.