Get your discounted Quick Bottle delivery


You know that all-too-familiar feeling, when you’re completely out of alcohol and simply can’t be arsed to venture to the bottle shop? Annoying, right? Our local bottle shop used to be so closely situated that we didn’t even bother putting shoes on to go there, but now we’ve relocated and our nearest booze outlet is half-a-mile away. What a drag.

Well, in Sydney there’s a company that’s aiming to solve such a problem and they’re teaming up with Something You Said to save you some pennies. has launched a new website where you can buy online and have it delivered to your home in half-an-hour within central Sydney and the Inner West. They are also expanding to cover the Eastern Suburbs and soon the Lower North.

What can you get on the site? Boutique wines, craft beers, cider, spirits and soft drinks. The minimum order is 25 bones and if you spend over $100 you’ll get a complimentary bottle of wine with their order. Every order will receive free roasted nuts too. This booze-to-your-door alcohol delivery service runs seven-days a week. Monday through Friday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and weekends from 3:00pm to 9:30pm.

Located in Leichhardt, Quick Bottle is currently in its infant stages but they are cooking up a deal to bring customers the best gourmet burgers in town straight to their front door. Stay tuned!

To celebrate the launch of this new service, as a Something You Said reader, you can get a cheeky 5% discount on your first order.

How to Claim Your Something You Said Discount

Visit, choose at least $25 worth of booze and then enter the coupon code 3B8CA8BC when prompted. Too easy!