Failr – Lark EP: Free Download


After Shazzaming a track I heard on the old radiobox, I was led to Martha Reeves’ Quicksand. Although this was very lovely and had me bopping nonetheless, I knew it wasn’t the song for which I was searching. Nope, I had to find that little ditty that had me chair-dancing. So, I tweeted FBI Radio, where I had heard it, asking for more deets. After some backing and forthing, I had the succeeded in locating said track! This made the artist – who had been following our twitter conversation – super happy at the same time! Everyone wins!

For Travis’ Ears Only (that’s why it was so dang hard to find! LOL) is by an up-and-coming producer that works under the title of Failr. The dude learnt how to sample from a mate and has been creating sample cray bangers ever since. These have now been compiled together in an ear-friendly EP. We here at Something You Said like Devo’s Dream and Mushka’s Castle particularly. These very danceable tracks are homages to Failr’s pooch pals and their feelings towards one another after a particular incident. “One got the other pregnant years ago but my family just doesn’t talk about it. It’s weird.”

You can download Failr’s EP for free at the link below and EVERYONE WINS, AGAIN! 

Words by Carol Bowditch.