Getting to Know Kamikaze


Switzerland-based outfit Kamikaze deliver a fine, multi-faced harmony in songs that will get you feeling hot and heavy. We asked them to tell more about themselves:

Kamikaze formed when we met at 2am in a really small drums practice-room in our school. Alex, our drummer, had the keys so one night we sneaked in and got the whole thing started. It was really late night, so it wasn’t so satisfying from a musical point of view, but we had a really great time together. Later, we kept rehearsing under more favourable conditions and I think the shared objective was to merge our jazz background with our rock-electronica influences, to find a way to approach rock and electronic music with the intuition of improvisation.

Our music is hot blooded, recklessly confident, highly affecting, electronically inflected pop.

Kamikaze is best listened to when in a concert hall. Or on vinyl. Or during Autumn, when you’re riding on a train between October and November – direction unknown. Or right now, whatever you’re doing.

The songwriting process for Kamikaze is getting inspired by anything, sending files between Lausanne and Berlin and backwards again. When we write a new tune, we always need a confrontation between us. Sometimes it’s hard because you pictured the whole thing at home and you have a strong idea of how it has to sound. But I think this process it’s really important. Two heads are, in my opinion, way better then one head and one machine.

Kamikaze would love to collaborate with a lot of people! Maybe you! We love the music of Moderat, Amon Tobin, James Blake, Trentemøller, Bon Iver, Radiohead. It would be great just to watch these people at work. Some people are doing remixes of our song “Crestfallen”, we received a request for stems from a guy in Islamabad, we’re really looking forward to hear his version.

For the rest of 2014 we will be producing a new clip and some new songs. We’ll meet in Berlin in July to record two or three new songs and we’re planning a bigger tour in november 2014.

Kamikaze have just dropped Beta, a four-song release which they will be bashing out live when they feature at Zapperlott in Schangnau on August 17th. Until then you can find out more about the band via Facebook.



Kamikaze interview by Carol Bowditch.