Two Moons Too Soon – by Chloe Coles

Chloe Coles- be happy Chloe

Australian model/artist/writer Chloe Coles exclusively gave us some more of her words and pictures:

SLOW DOWN (picture, above): When my older sister turned 15 and hated the world, my little brother and I formed some sort of alliance and took on the planet together. I used to sleep in his bedroom and we would stay up all night talking about Pokemon and making tree-houses with beds and coffee machines. I promised him I would never turn 15. I tried to tell him the Emu story that my sister used to tell me, but I was never good at it so it didn’t make sense. We used to sit on his bed and draw Pokemon characters and I always thought that his were so much cooler than mine. We would ride up to the shops and buy Portuguese Tarts every single day. Once we had overdosed on those, I was literally stumped with what to do on my weekends. I’m sure he was too. And then out of nowhere it was my time to turn 15. I ended up dating a boy who had a rat’s tale and swore at his mum. So that was an awkward time of my life. Me and Jared stopped riding up to the shops and I didn’t sleep in his room anymore. I gave him all my Pokemon cards and he kept on drawing them. During this time we moved houses and I was always moody because well, puberty, and my parents didn’t like my horrible boyfriend. So anyway, one morning when in the midst of an argument with my Mum about cheese or shoes, curtains… or something, I got into the shower after my brother, all angry and whiney. Muttering something as I stepped in. I remember feeling so frustrated and hateful. When I was getting out I noticed something written on the glass wall of the shower. I could only just make out what it said. I never forgot that day.


Chloe Coles Too Fast

About three months after my Opa died, I was standing in the kitchen with my Oma. We were talking about death and how quickly a life can be taken out of your hands. And how frustrating it is to stand there with your palms wide open, watching them slip through your fingertips. I asked her if she was scared to die and she stopped, smiled softly and in her thick German accent, she said “Not when you miss Opa as much as I do.”


Chloe Coles Yours

Words and pictures by Chloe Coles. Read our interview with Chloe here. She is represented by by Vivien’s models in Australia.