Just a Gent – Music interview

just a gent

Carol Bowditch talks to Australia’s teenage EDM sensation, Jacob Grant, otherwise known as Just a Gent:

Sydney and Australia’s electronic music scene has really grown over the past decade. Artists like Flume have really put Aussies on the electronic map on an international scale. With this being so, is it difficult to make it in the industry here? How did you cut your teeth and get started? 
I think it has made it much easier to be able to have a chance now. The whole world looks to Australia for music, so just being from Australia can be an advantage alone. I spent a long time spamming and being a pain in the neck before I realised the only way to make a name is to produce music that has its own unique sound and that is what I have been aiming for and I think it is really starting to pay off.

Why do you work over the alias, Just A Gent? I recently saw this Vice article which highlighted a particular Youtube channel that used images of sexy ladies to accompany EDM music. Is your name a reaction of an often misogynistic industry?
It’s definitely my own motto to treat women with respect like they should be treated. Although, the name originates from a silly story of me and a few mates calling ourselves gentleman, dressing up to the nines, trying to impress the ladies.

What do you like about remixing? Is it about personalising an existing track or just reworking it to have a different feel?
Yeah, 100% just giving the track a totally different feel and personalising it at the same time. I enjoy working with amazing vocals and I focus on the vocal aspect in every track I remix.

Where would an ideal gig be for you?
An ideal gig would have to be an all-age festival with an amazing sound system in a super unique and random location.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2014?
I have an EP coming soon and plenty of new remixes! I am also supporting The Aston Shuffle on their national tour in August/September, which will be a blast!


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Interview by Carol Bowditch