Röyksopp and Robyn Do It Again

Röyksopp and Robyn have just unleashed the brilliant new video for Do It Again, the first single to be taken from their critically-acclaimed mini-album of the same name.

The black and white clip was shot in Mexico by award-winning Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah and deals with themes of desire, ecstasy and forbidden love. Svein Berge from Röyksopp says: “I feel that the video in a clever way manages to emphasise one of the main themes of the song – doing something that might be considered morally wrong, and yet going through with it, fully aware of the consequences and potential repercussions. Some of these actions are driven by choice – others by necessity.”

Robyn added, “I’m pleased that, for me, the video stirs up a feeling of chaos which is what we talked about quite a bit when we wrote ‘Do It Again.’ Life takes you to a critical point and even though it might not make you happy, when it´s over, you want to go back.”

Röyksopp and Robyn’s mini album is out now on Dog Triumph via Cooking Vinyl/Wall Of Sound. Buy it here.

Robyn is one of the best live acts we’ve seen in a long time so to combine her with Röyksopp is pretty mind-melting. If you are in Europe or the US, you can catch them together at the following venues next month:
August 8 Øya Festival (Norway)
August 9 Way Out West Festival (Sweden)
August 10 Flow Festival (Finland)
August 15 Pukkelpop (Belgium)
August 20 Pier 97 (New York, NY, US)
August 21 Wolftrap (Washington, DC, US)
August 22 HB Pavilion (Boston, MA, US)
August 24 Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago, IL, US)
August 25 Echo Beach (Toronto, ON, Canada)
August 27 Red Rocks Amphitheater (Denver, CO, US)
August 30 Zurich Open Air (Switzerland)