Getting To Know Shannon Lawson

getting to know shannon lawson

Sydney-based model Shannon Lawson tells us about hating tomatoes and being afraid of not knowing what’s underneath the water at the beach:

I am 23 and still living at home in Bondi. I’m a huge tea and tequila enthusiast with a passion for travelling. I find being six-foot tall both a blessing and a curse when it comes to modelling/life. I’ve recently completed my Bachelor of Media Production at UNSW and come from a performing arts background after studying at The McDonald College.

Modelling isn’t what people expect. The Australian fashion world is quite small. Modelling is limited here and you find girls travel to peruse work. Castings and jobs mean catching up with model girlfriends, makeup/hair teams and photographers.

Shannon LawsonYou quickly learn that your individual look won’t suit every job type. This means you have to be ok with constant rejection. Once you realise your flaws you can easily disguise them in front of the camera or in person. For example angling your body a certain way to hide big hips and so on.

Modelling also usually means a lot of waiting. You find models falling asleep in makeup chairs, sitting around before shows, waiting for the camera crew to set up shots/test lighting. Most models have had an experience fainting on the job. Jobs are sporadic and your income isn’t usually steady

However, amongst all that, I don’t take it for granted and really enjoy what modelling has to offer. It can be lots of fun getting dressed up and learning about the production of a shoot or how a garment is made. I’ve been fortunate not to have had a bad experience on a job or felt the wrath of an egotistical model but I don’t want to speak to soon.

Aside from modelling, you can find me working odd jobs, spending my weekends at home, walking my dog, online shopping and working in retail. I have dream to be a TV/travel presenter or maybe running my own blog one day. I really want to work in TV and fashion and use what I’ve learnt in front of the camera and take it behind the scenes. I hope to live overseas during my 20s and visit places off the beaten track.

Shannon Lawson Abercrombie.png Shannon Lawson by Scott Lowe

Home is a luxury. Currently we are going through extreme renovations and I find myself living out of a box of clothes and appreciating any home-cooked meals I can get my hands on. If I’m not overseas I find myself living at home until I’m married. I love being around my dog and siblings and vow that no matter where I go in life, I will retire in Sydney and grow old here.

I spend too much time online shopping, sleeping in when ever I can and having long showers.

shannon lawson getting to knowI’m currently listening to…
Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap,
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Kodaline – Love Like This,
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Quadron – Hey Love.

It might surprise people to learn that… I hate tomatoes. I danced for 16 years. I’m featured in a Robin Thicke/Jessie J music video. I find reading and running boring recreational habits. I’m afraid of heights and not knowing what’s under the water at the beach. I love fruit, muesli and yogurt for breakfast but will eat it for dinner on occasion. I love to clean and I’m usually very organised.

I rarely wear high heels and pretty dresses. I wear the same boots every day. You will usually catch me in a wet bun and no makeup. I love to wear black. I had really bad acne as a teenager. I have really curly hair and straighten it every second day.

In the future, I still hope to be the crazy Shannon everyone knows. Sure I will learn a lot and that will mould my character but I’m always a kid at heart with an old soul complex. I’m not in a rush for marriage and kids but I look forward to it. I hope to work overseas both with modelling and professionally. I hope to remain close to my friends/family and model for some amazing brands.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.