Photos – Robbie Williams live in Sydney

Robbie Williams

Newsflash for those of you not up on your teenage heart-throb trivia: Robbie Williams is 40-years-old. Which is kinda scary to those of us who remember him as a sprightly youngster, all washboard-abs and cheeky grin, bounding around irrepressibly as a member of legendary UK boyband, Take That. Still, none of us are getting any younger, hey?

Anyhoo, after an eight-year absence, Williams returned to Australian soil last weekend. So we figured we’d check out what kinda show the once-boy-now-man puts on these days. He was at the Allphones Arena in Sydney for his Swing Both Ways variety show, which saw him perform tunes from albums Swing Both Ways (2014) and Swing When You’re Winning (2001), while sneaking in a few big hitters along the way. Obviously there was the singalong to end all singalongs too… (“And through it allllllllll, she offers me protection,” etc).

Alongside his chum Guy Chambers and a bunch of dancers, Williams appeared in both a fat suit and a chimpanzee costume as well as his standard tux, as he belted out his swing numbers. There was also a cover of R. Kelly’s epic weekend anthem, Ignition. Well, it was the freakin weekend, after all.

Adam Davis-Powell went along with his camera to check it out for Something You Said. Here are some of his amazing shots. Click to enlarge.

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All photos by Adam Davis-Powell.