lexi land

Sydney-based artist Lexi Land returns with a brand-new exhibition entitled ‘Bone Palace Surreal’ this November.

She tells us, “It’s is a theatre of sorts, a demented, strange land existing for those mad enough to see it. Born from the tongues of dead poets, it exists beyond, before and in-between. Departing reality and wandering past the lavender labyrinth of my mind – I arrive in an ancient valley, to the red veiled curtain of the ‘Bone Palace Surreal’.”

This new series is made up of 8 Mixed Media, Performance Still, Self-Portraits. The theatre was built in Lexi’s studio and over a few weeks, where she spent many hours exploring her body and spirit through a series of private performances, using the physicality of her flesh and bone to express that magic inexplicable energy that is within and all around.

“More ritual than performance, at night – in the dead of winter, I prepared my naked body, painting bones and a white face, applying masks and filming the process, from these films I captured stills of the figure inhabiting her dark theatre – moodily lit and alive. The figure is then transformed again, printing the images on 100% cotton paper I draw directly onto the surface and adorn each body with collage bones and masks, each collage piece is delicately drawn, cut out and connected to create a sense of depth and to continue my process of discovery beyond the flesh and to offer my heart felt understanding that life is a surreal, mystical and outstanding experience gifted to us all!”

The Opening Night is Wednesday 29th October between 6:30-9:30pm at Leonard Mattis Studio, 8 Fitzroy Place, Surry Hills. We’ll be in attendance so hopefully we’ll see you there for a drinkie. The exhibition runs from 30th Oct-30th November.