Bondi Hipsters – New fashion ideas

Are you ready for some groundbreaking new directions in men’s farshun? Good, because in this decidedly-nsfw clip (above) the Bondi Hipsters introduce their ideas to reshape the industry. Will the ‘side-ball’ be hot this summer?

For the uninitiated, the Bondi Hipsters are Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier and the clip comes from their brand new TV series, Soul Mates. The Australians amongst you will have seen the show advertised at bus stops all over town, no doubt. Soul Mates follows the story of a couple of buddies who are continually drawn together across the course of human history, from caveman times to the year 2145.

Part sketch show, part sitcom, the programme is really worth a look, with its witty and frighteningly accurate commentary on the shallow ludicrousness of 21st Century hipster life and its bromance-related gags and songs.

You can catch Soul Mates on ABC on Thursday nights at 9.30.