New Music: Introducing BCBG 


We’re excited to bring to your attention French duo BCBG. The act consists of two friends that met while in separate bands in and around the Paris underground/experimental scene. They eventually formed in Brazil at a residency program in 2012.

The band’s members are Mariette Auvray (Pussy Patrol, Eyes Behind, Water Sark) and Samuel Trifot (Kikiilimikilii, Feu Machin, Dorcelsius), who, since working together, have toured Europe and North American and released the EP Chapelle Abstraite.

Taking wide ranging influences from 70s Turkish psychedelic music, Berlin Techno, Dalida, Etienne Daho and French Pop, BCBG create a unique sound, led by the vocals of Auvray which soar over a backdrop of melody and madness through duelling keys, synths and throbbing drums.

Their latest release, Jaune De Naples/Désert Narquois 7” (distributed by Repressed Records and Easter Bilby) is a sign of what’s to come.

You can have have a listen to BCBG below. They’ll bring pleasure to your Monday.