Something You Said’s predictions for 2015


Happy New Year everybody! With hangovers still raging, we asked’s contributors for their predictions for 2015. Here’s what we reckon is going to go down in the next 12 months: 

Hoop earrings and Apple watches. Liana Gow-Killingbeck

My hope is a new Australian government, a carbon price, a stronger RET, a bullet-proof ABC, a major worldwide step forward on climate change. A major worldwide step away from greed, corruption, ignorance, infinite ‘growth’.
Wishful thinking. Joel Anderson

One hell of a depressing UK General Election campaign and the grim prospect of a right wing Tory/UKIP coalition. Sorry, I’m a pessimist or, more accurately, have observed way too many ignorant bastards in this world who fail to look beyond what Rupert Murdoch and The Daily Mail feed them – ‘Immigrants are here to eat your babies!’ Peter Watts

Kanye West will release a song featuring in some context the words “Punching. A Monet.” Felix Englund Örn

Musically speaking, 2014 was a sonic wonderland of strange and stunning fauna – the coming year, then, has significant soles to fill. It’s all within a finger’s reach, however, with a number of exciting releases already on the way. In general terms, each new year presents itself as a rumbling and potent belly of opportunity – 2015 is no exception! Chloe Mayne

2015 will be the year of Australian/NZ indie invasion overseas. Bands such as Twerps will become trailblazers for our popularity overseas. There were several great 2014 releases such as The Zebras’ Siesta, Twerps’ EP Underlay, Total Control’s Typical System and NZ’s Dark Matter’s Dark Matter that turned heads on blogs and gained attention worldwide. Matt Lengren

More road accidents will be caused by people looking at their phones, both inside the car and out. I will lose weight and gain it again. Reggae will make a comeback and pinstripe suits will become the new look for weddings. Joe Haddow

The emergence of drone and hologram technology for cross-continental broadcasting. Also, Interests rates will drop to lowest level ever. Harriet Cheney

Although there have been some fine albums this year, I sincerely hope there’s more great albums in 2015. I also predict that the new Star Wars movie will be highly enjoyable and restore faith in the films (I refuse to use the fr_____ise word). Gary Page

Taylor Swift breaks up with yet another a-list celebrity and writes an album about it. Game Of Thrones returns to continue ruining people’s lives. Muse releases their seventh album, it is epic, and they beam it down from the International Space Station. The Golden State Warriors win an NBA championship. Star Wars Episode VII is fabulous (or horrific). And Radiohead gives us… something. Desmond Chan

Boris JohnsonA lot more assholes at shopping centres, and me earnestly trying to avoid them. Oh, and Boris Johnson finally gets a haircut. Ruth Hodge

A year of new beats, hilarious tweets and crisp sheets, mmmm. Tammy Potakh

Kimmy and Kanye will break up. Someone will cheat, then the ‘Gold Digger’ song will be predictably over-shared through social media when that big ol’ divorce case happens, and either one kicks and screams for more money off the other whilst an innocent baby ‘North’ must try to survive potential limb dislocation as her dim-witted parents forcibly try to take her away from the other. They will be single and ‘up in da club’ in no time. Melissa Barrass

The rise of the idiots will continue at an increasingly terrifying pace. Bobby Townsend

There will be some sort of self-defined “crisis” and there will be a bunch of people that don’t care at all and they will save the social spirit while dancing. Or not. Ice-cream prices will rise. Girls will become stupid. Some eastern metropole will be hyped the “new Berlin”. Alex G will make a new album and have a song in the international radio charts. Poppy flowers will be forbidden in the US. Raindancing will be a new trend. The color of the next year will be a grayish green. The Mars mission will turn out to be a huge fake. Lisa Says

World War 3. Tenley Nordstrom

Unfortunately, I predict a lot more harrowing adversity in the name of religion. What’s taken place in 2014 alone in the name of geographical ownership and belief systems is profoundly distressing. We can only hope that the world turns some pages. On a different topic, it’s conceivable that someone somewhere comes up with a fucking ingenious method of protecting the artist, whether it be in film, design or music, because right now, we’re losing. Environmentally, we can’t undo what we’ve done, but we can hope the awareness reaches the indestructibly pigheaded mentality of the political world and some changes are put into place. Sorry for the hopelessness, but it’s been a pretty shit year for planet earth. Golden Lady

People will start saying ‘wow, 2015 sure is going by fast’. Kaya Strehler

Although I’m sick of hearing about the dangers of technology, I have a feeling that there will be more cultural references to technology, robots, and online media in both film, TV, and in real life with a move towards interactive content creation and social media. I think the line between art and technology will blur, with things like 3D printing and medical research used to hopefully improve society and our standard of living. I’ll also be waiting in eager anticipation for my Hoverboard. Addy Fong

A lot of people will return their selfie sticks. Jack Colwell

Ready or not, here it comes. Rose Ashton

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