Music Video: Maples – Stars

Sydney-based songstress Gabby Huber, known for her soaring vocals and keyboard skills as a touring band-member, invites us to enter her quietly and carefully woven-together world, a world where she is known as Maples:

The emotional journey of heartache, the suppression of it and the longing struggle to overcome it is one many of us can identify with. We tend to look to music for comfort and seek out melodies in order to break free and finally soar, dancing upon the tunes of those who create them.

Huber opens up, calling us to embark with her on this journey, a place where acoustic and electronics meet, where an ambient yet pop-driven sound does not deteriorate from the hauntingly personal and yet universally identifiable reflection her music provides.

‘Stars’, Maple’s debut single, is the result of a 12-month journey in and out of eight studios, in which she collaborated with strong collection of musical personalities from all corners of the music industry, including Julian Hamilton of The Presets, co-producer Dave Symes, who is known for his work with Sarah Blasko and Boy & Bear. The track, mixed by Timothy Whitten, captures real acoustics from pianos, marimbas, vibraphones, drums, percussion and guitars and blends with synths and programming inspired by new-age 80s electronica.

Accompanying is video directed by cinematographer Cal Green, shot in locations in and around Mount Victoria with breathtakingly dramatic views, including a sunrise just after a snowfall, a forest that plays upon morning light, and a house built by Huber’s late great uncle Fred of which Huber spent many of her weekends as an infant. The clip also features a bonfire, symbolic of re-birth and change as well as Reginald a stunning beautiful Palomino horse representative of strength, standing in Peat’s Ridge besides Huber as she sings. In the music video Huber resides in a house which echoes the meaning of her song ‘Stars’, a place symbolic of suppression, being confined to walls trying to break free until she embraces herself as Maples.

Maples invites us to come on a journey with her, to become lost in amongst the galaxy of emotions, and to find ourselves home by navigating using the ‘Stars’.

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Words by Addy Fong