Farmer & The Owl Festival


Heads-up. If you enjoy attending Australian music festivals but aren’t super-keen on remortgaging your house to afford the frankly ludicrous ticket prices that you’re often obliged to fork-out, then Farmer & The Owl Festival is here to counterbalance things.

How? Here’s how. To kick-off ticket sales for this year’s event, Farmer & The Owl is offering an Aussie music festival first by releasing a limited first allocation of tickets on a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis. In a reaction to the over-commercialisation of music and the arts, Farmer & The Owl Festival fans will be able to decide how much they want to pay. Once this ticket allocation is exhausted tickets will then revert to the normal ticket pricing until sold out. Incidentally, “normal” ticket pricing is pretty damn reasonable too (2nd Release – $69+BF, 3rd Release – $79+BF).

Sound good? Of course it does. So get along to Farmer & The Owl Festival, which returns to the University Of Wollongong grounds on Saturday March 14th, to catch international artists from USA, South Africa and New Zealand mixing it with top bands from across Australia

If that’s not enough to peak your interest then, firstly, you are very hard to please and, secondly, there’s more. With the goal of creating a unique event that carefully considers all elements of the festival experience, Farmer & The Owl have introduced a new concept for 2015 – The Imaginarium. The Imaginarium reflects an uninhabited world of unique and vibrant creativity. There are no rules so to speak. This world or oasis exists as a secret and is something that has to be discovered. It is hidden within the depths of a more baron and possibly apocalyptic desolate wasteland… a metaphor for Wollongong? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s just something fun and a way to cohesively create a world within a world. You decide.

The boutique event is more than just a music festival. See you there.

Bad//Dreems – Bass Drum Of Death (US) – Birds With Thumbs – Cabins – Carb On Carb (NZ) – The Cherry Dolls – The DHDFD’s (NZ) – Drunk Mums – DZ Deathrays – Hockey Dad – Hy-Test – Jebediah – Lunatics On Pogosticks – The Mess Hall – The Peep Tempel – PH Fat (South Africa) – Pinheads – Richard In Your Mind – Shining Bird – Spookyland – Step-Panther- Sunbeam Sound Machine – TEES – Totally Unicorn – The Walking Who – You Beaut

Tickets are on sale January 16th from (1st Release – Pay what you like, 2nd Release – $69+BF, 3rd Release – $79+BF)

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