Getting to Know The Colour Code


Melbourne-based four-piece The Colour Code are one-to-watch in 2015. We asked them to tell us a little more about themselves: 

We are four budding young chaps from Melbourne, Australia who write modern alternative music influenced by 80’s, 90’s and naughties pop/rock. Mike Soltys (Vocals/Keys), Ryan Lapthorne (Guitar), Scott Stone (Bass) and Dave Hyman (Drums) are our names and we’re here to bring something very unique and special to your mobile devices.

“Alibi” is our first and only official release thus far. It’s part 1 of a 3-part project we did in late 2014. You could call it an EP, but we like to think of it as 3 individual singles that have their own sound, meanings and personalities. This one stems from the buried feelings we all have, but do not care to share with the world. It’s the juxtaposition of our outer shell and our true self.

It might surprise people to learn that Scotty owns and manages a very regimented and glorious vegetable garden. Or perhaps people would just naturally assume he does after meeting him? Either way, it surprised the hell out of us!

Melbourne is enormous yet cosy, wild yet docile, hard yet humble, predictable but always full of surprises. It’s tricky to explain but the second you think you know the city something new pops out and slaps you right in the cheek. I just found out that Flinders St Station has free WiFi. What a world! The best venues are always in the tightest alleys and the people love music, of any variety.

We spend too much time deliberating over a verse… a chorus lyric… a pre-chorus drum groove… the length of the bridge… should the interlude go Dmin – Amin – Gmaj? Or Amin – Cmaj – Gmaj? SHOULD WE EVEN HAVE AN INTERLUDE?!?! It’s all too hard. Let’s just write a dance song.

We are currently listening to Kendrick Lamar, D’angelo and The Vanguard, Pvris, Hiatus Kaiyote, Anberlin, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Outkast, Death Cab for Cutie, Broods, Drake, and always, Mute Math!

In the future we’re going to release the boss tunes that are currently up our sleeve. Then we are going to write more boss tunes. Next step will be to spread The Colour Code love to as many new fans as possible by flexing our ‘live-act’ muscle. We’ll also support some amazing Aussie and International acts over the next 12 months. And once we’ve accumulated enough Poké-balls, we will be doing some killer headlining tours of our own.

Keep up to date with The Colour Code on Facebook and hear “Alibi” over at triple j unearthed.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.