Hermitude dance like no-one’s watching

On Wednesday night we had a listening party for Dark Night Sweet Light. Except it was much more than just a listening party...BIG THANKS to No Lights No Lycra Sydney

Posted by Hermitude on Thursday, 7 May 2015

Last Wednesday evening, Australia-based electronic duo Hermitude hosted an exclusive listening party for their new album, Dark Night Sweet Light. We sent Annastasia Robertson along to try out her dance moves:

In a nod to the album title, dance-community movement No Lights No Lycra transformed the Giant Dwarf in Redfern, Sydney into a grimy, sweaty lair full of moving bodies.

As we piled into the near-pitch black theatre you could feel an aura of excitement projecting from each person in the crowd. The door closed and the last beam of light was lost, leaving us in anticipation of the sweet music that was about to blare over the speakers.

A voice greeted us, announcing, “This is Hermitude… or is it”.
As far as I know, it could have been anyone, I mean… I couldn’t see a thing!

Though, seeing was not the point of the evening. Listening was, and listen I did.

Dark Night Sweet Light incorporates the classic Hermitude sounds with a new level of maturity that gives this album an edge, proving they have come a long way since the 2012 album and career maker, HyperParadise.

Throughout the entire 45 minutes of the album, you could feel vibrations from the stamping and jumping of everyone in the room, as they danced like no one was watching… because no one was. The darkness really enhanced the listening experience, as the sounds bounced off the walls and echoed throughout the room to a bunch of people who were happy to let go and be free to let the wubs and drops take over. There was no judgement and no embarrassment from dorky dance moves, just uninterrupted, good old-fashioned music listening.

Thank goodness, because I am a terrible dancer.

The whole evening was a perfect and unique exhibition of Hermitude’s forthcoming album – and it’s an absolute cracker.

Dark Night Sweet Light is out Friday 15th May on Elephant Tracks via Inertia.



Review by Annastasia Robertson..