The Four Quarters is absentmindedly nerdy


Somethingyousaid’s Kaya Strehler gets her booze/vinyl/gaming on…

I was recently lured into this event with the words ‘arcade games’ and ‘beer’ which pose as word-porn for myself. I’m simple minded, what can I say? This then opened up my world to the little dark and dingy bar along the main stretch in Peckham, London called The Four Quarters.

On this particular evening, The Four Quarters was home to a vinyl swap event called 1 In 1 Out. From the early hours of the afternoon punters came in with crates upon crates of their reject vinyl to barter, swap and sell away. All the while, local DJs provided a suitable ambience.

While my knowledge of the earlier and supposedly busier hours are limited as my adventure colleague and I got lost en route, it’s safe to say that it was a success because, hours later, there was what would be considered the ‘crate of rejected reject vinyl’ at the end of any event. In this crate, I came across Blondie and Daft Punk, both for a measly £2. If that is the quality within the end swap hours, I’m livid I missed the earlier.

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The bar itself seems pretty chill and hipster in a non douchebag way, somewhat absentmindedly nerdy but cool. Lining the walls is an amazing selection of arcade consoles which would have made Michael Jackson consider buying out the place as an international Neverland Ranch, however it’s the events it homes that gets my goolies going.

To put it simply, their flyer includes Wrestlemania which featured a live stream of the wrestling and wrestling-themed console set up, a Star Wars tribute evening on the 4th May and for the grand finale….. COMPETITIONS!

Yes. I’m serious. Forget about the typical evening of getting high at home with your buddies and punching out a few rounds of Mario Party. The Four Quarters is where the real shit happens. For only a £3 entry fee you can trial your skills across Smash Bros, Guitar Hero or Golden Eye and the victor is awarded with fame and fortune (probably free beer or something).

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When I eventually get my life together and move to London, The Four Quarters will become my local, even if I don’t live locally and have to sell a kidney on the black market to afford the Oyster card.

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Words and pictures by Kaya Strehler.