Good Greef helps Save the Reef

good greef

Good Greef. We’ve all witnessed it. The party aftermath. The carnage of rubbish scattered across the living room as if bodies piling up like a traumatic depiction of a post-apocalyptic movie scene. Outta control.

Now imagine waking up in a stuffy room beside a stranger who doesn’t know the meaning of personal space. Not really your idea of a good time right?

Good Greef copyRight. Well, currently the living situation of Sebastian the Crab, of Nemo, of Dory, of Bruce the shark, and of pretty much all of the Great Barrier Reef’s residents is being threatened by many problems caused by humans such as overfishing, pollution, and global warming unless something is done about it, unless we do all something about it.

Mark it in your calendars because on Sunday 9th of August, Good Greef is curating a mini, non-for-profit festival to raise some cash for World Wild Life Fund Australia’s Great Barrier Relief campaign.

Thanks to Sydney Collective, Cabinjam, Marrickville’s Factory Theatre will transform into an underwater oasis awash with colour and sounds of Smaal Cats, The Dinlows, Salvador Dali Llama, and Suns of the Universe.

Good Greef will include a Reef message board showcasing stunning visuals of the Great Barrier Reef, allowing you to explore Australia’s underwater haven whilst immersed in amongst the sounds of both the live music acts and the Guest DJs interwoven between live sets. Along with this, the Factory Floor will be awash with colour injected by local artists creating craft pieces as a vibrant act of resistance in the fight for the well being of the Reef.

So strap on your best battle gear and prepare yourself in the fight for relief. Head along to Good Greef and help Save the Reef.

Event Details/Summary:

Good Greef @ Marrickville Factory Theatre, Factory Floor
Sunday, 9th August, 3pm – 10pm
Tix cost $11

For info and tickets, head over to Facebook.



Words by Addy Fong.