Getting To Know Summer Flake

summer flake

Summer Flake is the project of Adelaide-raised, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Stephanie Crase, who is set to release her new EP next week. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am a terrified 33 year old new born.

Time Rolls By’ is a line in a song and the title of a new EP by Summer Flake. If I’m not careful every lyric will lead back to some phrase or idea about “time”. It’s annoyingly vague, predictable, cliched, repetetive. Im not preoccupied by age, history, closure – I dunno why I keep floating down that stream. As Gillian Welch sang, “time’s the revelator”; I will find out one day.

Adelaide is a cheap place to have a good time living in your youth! It’s probably good at every age but I just got restless and followed the cliched rite of passage relocating to Melbourne. Adelaide’s got good vibes – the ambition seems to be about being able to do what you want, not what’s impressive. or popular. Everyone makes their own stuff happen. I’ll be back again in November for Format Festival – a DIY culture kind of visual art/ music/ cross media festival spread across different venues for a week. Be there.

I spend too much time thinking about time.

I’m currently listening to the new Lana Del Rey album. Like I am actually hearing it for the first time now as I write this. I’m way into it, kind of like the more cringy it gets (“Terrence Loves You”), the more I genuiney feel like staring into the sun with a single tear rolling down my face. Other newish stuff are “Stuff Like That There” by Yo La Tengo, “Everything New” by No Joy, the new song “Border Fetish” by Liam Kenny, Astral Skulls, Terrible Truths, and Wireheads. I’m hanging out for the upcoming Palm Springs 7″s, i aint heard ’em yet though. And we listened to “New Moon” by Elliott Smith about 100 times last night.

It might surprise people to learn that this is actually my natural hair and not a thin wig made of shredded glad wrap.

In 2016, I’m going to be broke but busy! We’ve got a new Summer Flake album to release early in the year and I wanna tour and travel a bit, maybe just in Australia, but finger crossed for overseas. I’ve started stretching my back every day in preperation for couch surfing. I want to keep moving and do some recording too. I WANT ALL THE EXPENSIVE THINGS. I’ve been writing a lot of songs on acoustic guitar lately, that’s been pretty cheap I guess.

Time Rolls By is out on October 9th via Rice is Nice Records.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.